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A simple hack which made LEGO famous


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Legos blocks are very famous among children toys. From Comic Characters to cities, lego blocks can build anything. They unleash the imagination of the children and helps develop their creativity. But like every other LEGO structure is built with small blocks LEGO empire was also built with small initiatives.

It all began in 1932 at Billund, Denmark. There was a skilled carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen. He was very talented yet unfortunate many times. His early business was ruined by financial crises.
Later, he lost his wife and he had to single-handedly take the responsibility of his 4 sons.. To sustain, he started a business of wooden toys but being weak in sales he was more dependent on distributors.

He learnt sales in a hard way but his efforts paid off and his business took off. He named his company lego which was inspired by danish word LEG GODT which means play well.
The company got huge success when it adopted plastic components over wooden.
There were multiple small plastics pieces but when arranged over each other made beautiful skyscrapers and houses.
This was creatively genius toy but the problem was these pieces were not able to stick together and this was a turn off for children.
The eureka moment came when the ole son while thinking about the problem accidentally stuck his pencil in lego piece. He quickly got an idea that if he redesigns lego pieces to clutch each other then these structures could hold very strong. This was a breakthrough and enabled lego experiment on endless possibilities.
Lego started building racecourses, train stations, gardens, cities and everything unimaginable even Rome. They even made a lego feature film. And making it a 6 billion dollar toy company which such a simple concept.


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