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An IoT (Internet of Things) Startup Inspirational Story- Hitesh Panjwani


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The innovative IoT startup, Hitron,  initiated by Mr Hitesh Panjwani is turning out to be a great success. The new age entrepreneur is really venturesome and desires to see Hiotron at the top in India. He strongly believes that technology has the power to change the world.

This time we had a candid chat with Mr Panjwani and one can easily know the reason of his success by listening to his struggle stories and thrilling thoughts. From talking about his motivations to talking about the challenges a business faces, he discussed everything with us during the interview. Seeing emotions as the motivation, he gives the new entrepreneurs the message to ‘keep trying’.  If you are curious to know more about Hitesh and his startup, here we bring to you some interesting answers given by him along with the questions asked. 

 “Everyday I wake up, I feel like I am growing older every day. It is my motivation. I live like this day is the last day of my life.” – Hitesh Panjwani 

  • Ques –  What is your business exactly about?

We have three business verticals. We are into the development of smart products, solutions and also conduct training. We develop right from scratch to the end. 

  • QuesWhat is theEureka Moment’ of your life?

We started with three engineers. One was good in hardware, the other in software and I was a good mix of both. We had a vision that it will be an embedded system. 

Then, it was a startup but it didn’t work out. One of them got an opportunity in a company and the other one left and I was all alone. I prepared myself to be technical enough for the market. I surfed for how to strategize for the next. One evening, I read the article about smart refrigerators and smart ACs that will be revolutionizing. That was the eureka moment of my life. I started going to colleges and universities to conduct seminars and workshops. We build up a team through small steps.

  • Ques – What do you think is the impact of the IoT sector these days?

To be more specific in the Indian market, Home Automation is the vertical gaining more traction because the customer is very easy to connect to such things. Afterwards, there are Industrial IoT, logistics, connected cars, smart cities, all these fields are into IoT. This is the concept behind smart products.

  • QuesAs the industry is wide, so, what is the kind of target you cater to and what is your unique selling proposition?

         We basically target industries only. Hiltron is not B2C, it is B2B.

        Here, we have a strategy to reach to.    our audience via our partners, mainly from IT or mechanical industry. They take the complete set of solutions from us and reach to the customers of their specific industry. IoT and smart products consist of 3 things- software, hardware and mobile applications that connect them. We are a one-stop solution for them. That’s our USP.

  • QuesWhat is your Go-to-market?

It is through our partners itself. They take our services like hardware, software and they market them. It is like a chain between customers and the manufacturer. So, our GTM is to the partner and partner to their customers.

  • Ques What does it take to start such a business?

        Technology is the most important, Then it is followed by finance, contacts and then experience. Initially, we were lagging experience but it has been 5-6 years now.

  • QuesWhat are the three motivations in your life?

First is fear of death. Every day I wake up like today I am 28, 39, then 30, growing older every day. It gives me motivation. What if it’s the last day of my life? Second is there has to be a reason for everything and the third is emotions. If I am attached to the work, I will do it well.

  • Ques What is the major challenge you face till now?

Team management. You should be able to know the thoughts, needs and motivations of your team without even talking or so.

  • Ques What are the three wishes you want to come true?

       First is that I want Hiotron to be on top in India. Second, I want to see myself in the magazine ‘40 under  40’. The last one is that Hiotron should serve to society.

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