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BATTLE OF SARAGARHI – 21 Sikhs vs 10000 Afghans

Sikhs have always been known for their valour and strength. Today's story is about a group of such Sikh Soldiers who have not only saved the country from the Afghans but have left a story full of inspiration.

DHIRUBHAI AMBANI – Founder of Reliance Industries

There is a popular story about Dhirubhai Ambani. When he was in Yemen. He melted silver bullion and sold it as pure silver. Because he knew that pure silver has more demand and value as compared to silver bullion and earned a lot of money. We can see his exceptional entrepreneurial skills from this story.

SHAHRUKH KHAN – King Of Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan was born in a Muslim family. His parents were so poor, that they had no money, to send him to theaters to watch movies. And suffered many failures at the beginning of his career. With the aid of theatre and television, he successfully entered into the film industry. He got his first act in television serials titled Fauji in 1988 and then Circus in 1989. This announced his entry into Bollywood. And now he became a King of Bollywood.

THE UNDERTAKER- Legends Never Die

Inspiring journey of Mark William Calaway popularly known by his ring name 'Undertaker'. He dropped out of the university to pursue a career in basketball. But then he set his focus on becoming a professional Wrestler. He is the only wrestler with no song, but a trademark beat. Upon his retirement, many wrestlers paid homage to him and was duly honored by colleagues and fans all over the world.

NELSON MANDELA – Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who lived a life of service. He was a South African activist and politician. He began to make waves upon his entry into South African politics after joining the African National Congress in 1944. Nelson Mandela and his friend Oliver Tambo established the first black law firm in South Africa. He focused on his Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, Nelson Mandela Foundation, and The Mandela Rhodes Foundation where he continued to give back to humanity.


Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter and dancer. Began his music career with his brothers in a group known as ‘The Jackson 5.’ He won lots of awards including Grammys, was included in several Halls of fame, and also Guinness Book of Record awards. Michael Jackson will forever be remembered for his electric dance moves, known as “Break Dance” and the moonwalk.

SHAWN CARTER – First Hip Hop Billionaire

The fascinating and motivating story of Shawn Carter. To become stable financially, he dropped out of college, and began pursuing his music career alongside his friends. Jayz has not only made his mark in music, he has established himself in the business line, that has earned him fortunes.

STEVEN SPIELBERG – A Billionaire Filmmaker

Steven Spielberg was rejected thrice at the University of Southhern Carolina because of his poor grades. He wasn’t interested in academics; his focus was theater, where he aspired to be a filmmaker. He was given the privilege of directing a short-film, 35 mm Amblin, by Universal studio, and the vice-president was largely impressed by his work. He would drop out of school a year later, to work fully for Universal and officially signed.


The story of Shaquille O’Neal is an intriguing story of a young lad, whose zeal conquered the world. His desire for greatness helped him burst on to the scene, of the National Basketball Association in the United States.

STEVE JOBS – Founder of Apple

Steve Jobs story motivates people to stay true to their dreams and never give up, no matter how tough things get. He was academically gifted child, often described as being the smartest person in the room. When he was ten, Steve had forged a strong passion for electronics. Growing up, he loved electronics but also appreciated the humanities.