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Connecting 1.23 Billion Minds – Sandeep Khuperkar


Today open-source software has become critical for almost every organization. Almost everything requires open source software, be it telecommunication systems, inventory, accounting, personal productivity applications, contact management and operating systems amongst others. Sandeep Khupekar is the CTO and Director at Ashnik, a company started in 2009 from Singapore. He has been active in open source technology for over 14+ years and has a proven track record of building technology business across India and South East Asia. He is selected as Mentor of Change for Atal Innovation Mission by NITI Aayog, an initiative by the Govt. of India.
An accomplished speaker and contributor on open source solutions he believes products are like tools. Even if you have the best tools you need to know how to use those tools, how to put them together. Being an active Isha Foundation Volunteer, he avidly helps create mindshare for holistic well-being, especially among students. He works on building innovative solutions for business enterprises across the sectors.  Working in the field of open source with full passion Sandeep endeavours to build something for the younger generation. The team at Eureka Moments sat down with Sandeep to know more about his venture. Here are the excerpts of the interview

We never start with the technology, we start with the solution which addresses the business problem and then we narrow down the technology.

 – Sandeep Khuperkar

Q: What is the difference between your solutions vis- e -vis your competitors?

A: We started building solutions and noticed that our enterprise customers are looking at the product companies in a way that could be a part of our solutions and the implementations services providers who can be a part of our solutions. But we remained as a blueprint architect. To provide an analogy when making a dish we all know what the ingredients are but only a master chef knows the correct method and proportions to use those ingredients. Similarly, the ingredients are there in the form of technology tools.  We trying to become a master chef in solutions    

Q: What potential do you see in the open-source technology?

A: What we see is that the momentum of open source is too high and there is no single entity or person driving open source. It is getting driven in autopilot mode.  So it is very important for all the open-source technologies that the community remain strong 

Q: What is your message to the youth of the country?

A: Whatever you do, whatever you learn, whatever you experience you need to share with your colleagues and that is the philosophy of open source. In our life, if we share what we know that will only help you to grow.

Q: What is the Eureka Moment of your life?

A: I was listening to the seminar of Sadhguru. He mentioned today what we say our problem is population. We say that is a problem because we see physical bodies’ 1.25 billion bodies but we miss 1.23 billion brains. If we put this 1.25 billion brains which none of the countries have we will be able to do miracles. That was my turning point that I might have a company, I might be working somewhere, I might be creating something. But it has a limitation, but if I get to those people, the youth of our country we will have so many people with us. And if we work or create something with them, the innovation will be the outcome of these minds coming together. This journey has brought me to be a part of Mentor of Change with the NITI Ayog. Everybody understands that enabling student’s is very important.