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A doctor who can speak to animals – Dr Dolittle of India – Dr Dinesh Vinherkar


Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul until we have loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Being able to care for an animal every day and being and involved with the day to day care of an animal is very rewarding. Dr Dinesh is a veterinarian and a reptile specialist. He has been driving multiple initiatives to conserve wild and marine life in India. His NGO, WCAWA works for wildlife conservation and animal welfare.  Helping animals of all kind, providing assistance in cases of animal abuse, threat, accidents, and rescuing trapped and lost animals Dr Dinesh truly acts like a guardian angel for the furry friends. The team at Eureka moment sat down with Dr Dinesh who has been fondly christened the Dr Dolittle of India. Here are the excerpts of the interview.

A person who does not throw even a small piece of the chocolate wrapper in the jungle is also a part of our work. All the people who are working for the wildlife without actual rescuing also, we take them as a part of our initiative. I don’t want people to work for animals only when they have an ID card of WCAWA they should have a heart for wildlife. 

 – Dr Dinesh

Q: What are the major causes of injury for the local animals?

A: The fishing nets, metal hooks and blast devices that are detonated at the bottom of the sea are the major causes of injury more the majority of our patients.

Q: What are the major challenges you face?

A: Concerned authorities at a higher level should have greater awareness and need to be more sensitive about the situation. We still lag behind in infrastructure which becomes a problem because treatment depends on the availability of resources and not having enough resources is the biggest challenge. Another challenge is funding, to do what we do one requires a lot of funding. 

Q: What should people do to keep the environment safe for animals?

A: Respect nature, reduce pollution. We need to revive and restore all our natural resources.

Q: What is the Eureka Moment in your life?

A: I was practising in Mumbai and the Eureka Moment actually happened 10 years back. I got a call from Dahanu Forest Department. They asked me to visit their forest office to save the life of a turtle. I was very excited to do so when I got there I saw three turtles out of which two were dead and one in a very bad condition. They had no facility where they could keep the turtle alive and healthy so then and there we decided to create a pond full of seawater and we treated the turtle in that particular pond. After some time that turtle got better. It was my Eureka moment when I decided that no more turtles will get injured and live this way and that’s how we started our initiative WCAWA.