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The untapped potential of Innerwears – Richa Kar – Zivame

The untapped potential of Innerwears – Richa Kar – Zivame

In a country like India, talking about lingerie is a bit uncomfortable. However, 

A woman has started becoming bold and started talking about it with each other. 

Today’s story is about a bold and visionary Richa Kar whose initiative built an influential online lingerie platform.

Richa Kar hails from Mumbai and pursued an MBA and Engineering Degree. Her first job was at SAP Retail Consulting, it is from here, she got an opportunity to work for world-famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. She was hard working and fell in love with the innovative and quality products they offered.

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Richa had her Eureka moment while analysing the sales she realised that there is untapped market potential in India for fine lingerie.

With a firm initiative, she then started researching an Indian lingerie market and comprehended that women in India were not comfortable buying innerwear from retail stores. Since there was an uneasiness when a woman had to encounter male salesmen at shops. Hence, she took a decision and introduced an online lingerie platform named  Zivame in 2011.

Richa had to face a lot of social challenges and also questioning her ability. She was denied rented houses and many didn’t believe her initiative will take off.  Despite this, the online store sales increased by 300% each year and Zivame today’s worth is Rs 680 crore. Richa believed that technology is the best way to solve cultural problems and Zivame is the living proof of the statement. 

To be true, people like Richa are an inspiration for everyone to pursue their dreams without succumbing to the societal pressures and ignorance.