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What it means to achieve Financial Independence – Kalpana Morparia – CEO J P Morgan


100 years ago it would have been a challenge for a woman to achieve a career better than a man but women like Mrs Kalpana Morparia went against all odds and motivated women around the globe to work wonders. 

Today’s story is about Kalpana Morparia, CEO of JP Morgan, a 2.1 Trillion dollar American company. Surprisingly, Kalpana wasn’t so ambitious when young. She just wanted to settle down post-education. But due to the sudden demise of her father, Kalpana’s mother fostered the idea of being financially independent on her. She completed B.Sc. in chemistry and opted to teach. But suddenly, she developed speech complications, though she was frustrated about this but she had no other option than to stay at home. 

The Eureka Moment was when she decided to pursue law following the example set by her elder sister. Law helped her to get into the legal department of ICICI. She was very focussed and dedicated from day one. Under the leadership of KV Kamath, she got recognition for her talent and she was promoted from corporate lawyer to corporate leader. Today, she is an independent director of Dr Reddy’s lab, Bennet and Colman, CMC Ltd. of Tata Consultancy and ranked one of the most powerful women of the world.

She believes the best thing is to adopt ‘it’s never too late’ approach in life. Personalities like Kalpana Morparia are an inspiration to all of us to look beyond imagination and achieve what seems unachievable.