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What makes a good Drummer – Chirag Vachha


Music is said to be the food of souls. Such a band who is fulfilling the thirst of such souls is ‘Big if’. Chirag Vachha is one of the extremely talented members of the band and has appreciable drumming skills. We got a golden opportunity to hold a meeting with him this time.

During this, he revealed that music is his biggest addiction and he feels frustrated without good music. From giving tips to beginners about starting a band to sharing some of his hilarious childhood memories, Chirag presented himself humbly. To all the music lovers out there, we bring some of the best glimpses of the interview.

‘There is nothing apart of practice. Even if you are the best drummer in the world, you can’t skip practice for even a single day.’ – Chirag Vachha 

Ques- Tell us something about yourself and your band.

  • I am 27 and I have been learning music for over 15 years. As a profession, I am a social media executive and music producer. Our band is called ‘Big IF’. There’s a reason behind it. There are always some ‘what ifs’ to a journey but the key point is to overcome them. We started as a cover band 2 years ago and now we are getting into originals. We do various shows in colleges and clubs and now we are planning for an album.

Ques Why did you choose to be a drummer? 

  •  I have been into music because of my parents. My dad was the first one to teach me a musical instrument which is ‘dhol’. Then I started to learn tabla which is a beautiful instrument but however, I couldn’t feel connected with it. I continued with dhol. Eventually, my mother advised me to take drum classes. In two weeks, I was addicted to it. It was just mesmerizing!

Ques– What was the eureka moment of your life?

  • One day I was listening to a band and I thought me be I can play that on a drum-like let’s see. There is a thing called double basement when it comes to drums where you have two pedals to use with both your feet. I had never done that before. I just sat and observed how the person used his feet and I got that instantly! I didn’t expect but it worked. So, I knew I could do this and I kept on working harder and harder. Therefore, it was my eureka moment.

Ques–  What is the secret behind the bands? Why are they so popular among especially girls?

  • Music as a whole is loved by people around the globe. Not only girls but everyone enjoys it. When you enjoy and perform for your crowd, they get along with you. They sing with you and the synchrony happens. That’s how it feels magical.

Ques– How do you think music has changed in the last ten years?

  • It changed a lot. It is mainly due to exposure to different cultures and different genres of music. There is a progress of sound too, it’s not the same as it was 10 years ago. Influence by bands throughout the world is a great factor in the revolution.

Ques- How can someone start a band?

  • My teacher always told me ‘There’s nothing apart from practice’.Even if you are the best drummer in the world, you can never skip practice.

         In my case, I worked with a lot of musicians, I didn’t know who they are, how their personalities are, what I knew was the kind of music they play. I went with them. Some projects were a success, others major failures. When you jam together, you must feel the same musical vibe. There must be a particular harmony and connection even when your mindsets are different because that’s the end game.

Ques- Three things you like about your band.

  • ( laughs) I never said good things about them. It’s that we may have lazy days but when it’s time to show up, we do it and we kill it. Second, when it comes to jokes we have the same understanding.

Then, we are always there whenever we need each other.

Ques- What are the most embarrassing. moments in your life?

  • There have been more than three. In school, I was always blamed for things which others did wrong and my mom was the teacher in the same school. On stage, sometimes I messed up and it’s really demotivating to be the cause of a bad performance if the band.

Ques- Who has motivated you in your entire journey?

  •  Mainly, it’s my father. It all started with my family because they used to listen to the right kind of music. Mom loved rock music and dad loved classical and folk. So, I come from the right background. Our teachers also told us what to watch and what to listen to which is really important. I had really bad music choice but eventually, it developed.